Our ME Time school workshops encourage children to recognise what makes them great outside of academic success through art based activities. Children who believe in themselves, make others believe in them to....Water the seed and watch it grow!

Pictures: Mr. Wade, Head Teacher at Quilters Junior School, Billericay, showing the children work from their ME TIME Capsule Workshop.


At the heart of ME TIME alongside all the fun, we believe wholeheartedly in celebrating not only the ME but also growing the COMMUNITY we live in closer together.

Everyone who works with ME TIME does this on a daily basis by uniting local businesses and creative individuals, co-working and keeping it local!

No doubt your personal me time is often barely visible, or at a minimum  and squished between everyone else's needs in your daily life.
At ME Time we are all about stretching out those moments and sharing it with others.
So join the fun and recommend us to your local school, community group, charity, retirement group, WI or even the regulars down the Pub.  Join us with a group of friends or even use an event to help FUNDRAISE for something!!!